Writers’ and artists’ residencies

Hosking Houses Trust is unique in the UK in offering not only a retreat for writers and artists but, when funds allow, unrestricted bursary money.


We host our residents at Church Cottage in the Warwickshire village of Clifford Chambers, near Stratford-upon-Avon. The length of each residency is based upon what women request; many have complicated domestic, personal and professional lives and ask to make several short visits, while others have no home in the UK and ask for a longer stay. We strive to accommodate all these factors. 

In late 2022/ early 2023 we invited a number of Ukrainian women, whose professional lives were disrupted by the war, to take up residencies at Church Cottage. This was made possible by a fundraising campaign organised by our founder, Sarah Hosking, who, having witnessed the bombing of Coventry during World War II, knew that a quick response was needed to help those affected by this current war.

Most of our residencies range from two weeks to two months and we take care to ensure the comfort and welfare of everyone who stays with us. On arrival at Church Cottage each resident is welcomed by Sarah Hosking and visited by one of our trustees during the course of their stay. Residents may request up to three stays at Church Cottage.

Since 2018 we have collaborated with Coventry University’s Faculty of Arts and Humanities to provide two residencies per year. These fellowships are highly prized by university academics. For 2024, we are sponsoring a prize of a residency for a winner or shortlisted artist of the Women in Art prize to be announced in September 2023.

While our residencies are based on excellence and need, very occasionally we make different arrangements with specific writers who have no financial need but who wish to pay us for the privacy and convenience of Church Cottage.

Bursaries and funding

Some of our fundraising is focused specifically on being able to provide bursaries which usually equate to £250 per week or £1000 per calendar month. In 2016 we were extremely fortunate to have the support of the Foyle Foundation who granted us £50,000 over five years from their Skoyles Bursaries Fund. More recently we’ve enjoyed the support of Amazon Literary Partnership.