Church Cottage Residents

Below is a complete listing of our Church Cottage residents from 2002 to the present. You can view their photographs and comments on their residencies on the Residents’ Gallery page

Some residents have returned for brief periods and sometimes for Trust needs, such as a trustee staying briefly to give support.

15th – 28th JulyMaggie Gee and Nick Rankin
15th April – 14th JulyACE Project ‘Open House’
Ten writers selected by Writing West Midlands for a week’s residency each:
Valentina Alexander/ Leila Rasheed/ Amarjit Kaur/ Lorraine Mighty/ Jose Sunshine-Okoro/ Maeve Clark/ Abda Khan/ Nyla Nasser/ Lorna French/ Justina Hart
4th March – 7th AprilTeia Sanina, Ukrainian writer
8th – 22nd FebruaryRosanna McGlone, writer
4th December – 27th January 2023Audrey Osler, writer/scholar
2nd October – 2nd DecemberVlad Naidiuk/ Oksana Birsan, Ukrainian couple
11th – 30th SeptemberJudith Bovenseipen, anthropologist
14th August – 9th SeptemberStacey Moon Tracy, writer (Coventry University Appt)
30th July – 12th AugustMaggie Gee and Nick Rankin
4th – 29th JulyPragya Agarwall, journalist/political writer (several separate visits)
Last minute resident cancellations so we invited Timberlake Wertenbaker and Anna Shevchenko each for short periods during June
1st – 27th MayAnne-Marie Piazza, musical theatre (MMD appt)
3rd – 26th AprilSheila Black, poet and advocate for disability
27th February – 25th MarchSarah Middleton, musical librettist (MMD appt)
1st – 25th FebruaryJennifer Steil, novelist
16th – 28th JanuaryCordelia O’Driscoll, musical theatre (MMD appt)
4th – 14th JanuaryMary Jane Baxter
28th December – 3rd JanuaryElizabeth Speller
6th – 18th DecemberCatherine Richardson, cultural historian
14th – 26th NovemberPenny Black, translator/dramatist
31st October – 12th NovemberCaitlyn Burt, musical theatre (MMD appt)
30th August – 30th SeptemberMarie-Louise Crawley, dance and history (Coventry University appt)
9th – 27th AugustSusannah Pearse, musical librettist (MMD appt)
25th July – 6th AugustMaggie Gee
8th – 23rd JulyElizabeth Speller
27th June – 4th JulyLouise Ainsley, (MMD auction winner)
30th May – 25th JuneElizabeth Cook, prose fiction
2nd – 28th MayTara Wilson, non-fiction writer
11th – 30th AprilCarole Griffiths, modeller/artist (Coventry University appt)
Early January Church Cottage was closed again due to Covid and remained empty until April
20th November – 2nd JanuaryElizabeth Speller, novelist
31st October – 14th NovemberSalley Vickers, novelist
3rd – 28th OctoberAnita Pati, poet
19th – 28th SeptemberAnna Shevchenko, novelist
5th – 15th SeptemberElizabeth Speller, novelist
22nd August – 3rd SeptemberMary Jane Baxter, maker
6th – 19th AugustMaggie Gee, novelist
20th – 31st JulyChino Odimba, playwright
March – July…closed due to Covid pandemic
9th – 17th MarchTimberlake Wertenbaker …. left early due to Covid
29th February – 6th MarchJulie Blake, Mercury Musical appointee
2nd – 28th FebruaryChristine Valters Paintner, Ireland, Catholic theologian
5th – 31st JanuarySusan Vickerman, poet/translator
Empty for Christmas guests
12th October – 14th DecemberValerie Coffin Price, illustrator
Empty for Persephone Press guests
3rd – 30th SeptemberBrandy Schillace (USA), medical ethics
18th – 30th AugustMaggie Gee, novelist/poet
8th July – 16th AugustLaura Joyce, novelist (Coventry University appt)
14th June – 6th JulyRomalyn Ante, poet (SBT appt)
12th May – 12th JuneLotte Crawford, art historian (Coventry University appt)
8th February – 10th MayMary Jane Baxter, journalist/milliner
Closed for building and renovation until February 2019
30th July – 30th SeptemberJulia Copus, poet and biographer
9th – 29th JulyClosed for renovation
14th June – 1st JulyAstrid Alben, poet
6th – 13th JuneCatherine Fox, novelist Kiss and Part
28th April – 5th JuneCurious partnership, performance artists
22nd – 26th AprilCatherine Fox, novelist Kiss and Part
3rd – 9th AprilJo Baker, novelist Kiss and Part
3rd – 8th MarchLucy Durneen, novelist Kiss and Part
20th February – 31st MarchErica Charalambous (Coventry University appt)
23rd January – 18th FebruaryMez Packer (Coventry University appt)
5th – 22nd JanuarySalley Vickers
13th December – 3rd JanuaryNatasha Davies, performance artist
12th November – 3rd DecemberMaria McCann, novelist
30th October – 9th NovemberAmanda Smythe, novelist
1st – 22nd OctoberAnna Shevchenko, novelist
28th August – 10th SeptemberTeresa Howard, lyric playwright
16th – 26th AugustJoan Bakewell, novelist Kiss and Part
1st – 14th AugustMaggie Gee, novelist Kiss and Part
19th June – 18th JulyJessica Mehta, poet (SBT appointment)
4th – 17th JuneDeborah Arnander,’Words and Women’
2nd May – 3rd JuneNatasha Davis, performance artist
24th – 30th AprilJill Dawson, novelist Kiss and Part
17th – 22nd AprilNadia Fall, playwright
2nd – 16th AprilVictoria Kelley, social historian
10th – 31st MarchSalley Vickers, novelist Kiss and Part
6th February – 7th MarchMaria McCann, novelist Kiss and Part
3rd – 30th JanuarySolitaire Townsend, environmentalist
12th November – 30th DecemberTimberlake Wertenbaker, playwright
24th October – 11th NovemberKathleen Soriano, art historian
1st – 23rd OctoberSalley Vickers
1st – 30th SeptemberCindy Lynn Brown, poet (SBT appointment)
31st July – 29th AugustTeresa Howard, lyric playwright
1st May – 14th JuneTimberlake Wertenbaker, playwright
22nd – 25th AprilSalley Vickers, novelist
1st – 21st AprilMartine Bailey, novelist
28th – 31st MarchMarion Morgan, musician
13th February – 25th MarchEllen Phethean, poet/playwright
8th – 11th FebruaryMarion Morgan, musician
3rd January – 6th FebruaryHelena McEwen, novelist/painter
16th November – 2nd Januarycommercial rent to Michael Bywater
1st – 14th NovemberSusannah Pickering, poet/playwright
15th August – 30th OctoberHelena McEwen, novelist/painter
1st – 14th AugustElizabeth Speller, poet/novelist
1st – 31st JulySally Goldsmith, poet (SBT appointment)
24th – 30th JuneJane Brown, biographer
24th May – 21st JunePatti Gaal-Holmes, performance/film-maker
29th April – 13th MayElizabeth Speller, poet/novelist
30th March – 24th AprilJoan Bakewell (see below)
8th – 28th MarchElizabeth Speller (see below)
1st February – 4th MarchJackie Bennett garden historian (SBT appointment)
2nd – 30th JanuaryElizabeth Speller poet/novelist
7th October – 19th DecemberTeresa Howard, lyric theatre (Arts Council funded) musical adaptation of Pushkin’s ‘Eugene Onegin’ to be called ‘Eddie O’ for Hackney Empire Theatre 2015 and touring 2016
14th September – 4th OctoberJoan Bakewell, journalist/broadcaster (see below)
8th August – 12th SeptemberPatti Gaal-Holmes, artist/film maker: ‘A history of 1970s Experimental film: Britian’s decade of Diversity’, Palgrave Macmillan 2015
11th July – 7th AugustJo Bell, poet, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust appointment; contributed to Poetry Festival and a new collection to be published by Nine Arches Press 2015
8th June – 10th JulyJinny Webber, American scholar/novelist: research for third in a trilogy of novels about Elizabethan theatre (‘The Secret Player’, ‘Dark Venus’) Nebbadoon Press, California USA: 2015
28th April – 28th MaySalley Vickers, novelist/journalist (see below)
23rd November – 30th DecemberMartine Bailey, novelist. Work on the second of two novels (first ‘An Appetite for Violets’ 2014), The Penny Heart’ 2015 Hodder and Stoughton UK and USA
5th August – 20th NovemberSalley Vickers, novelist/journalist. Short stories, ‘The Boy who Could See Death’, Viking Penguin 2015
2nd July – 1st AugustWendy Cope, poet, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust appointment, contributed to the Poetry Festival
24th May – 30th JuneQuincy Whitney, musicologist from USA; ‘The Luthier- A Violinmaker’s Crescendo’ a biography of instrument maker, Carleen Maley Hutchinson’, University Press of New England, 2016
28th April – 11th MayVal Horsler, ‘Round the Square’ editor/research at request of HHT for our own publication 2014
5th January – 29th MarchTeresa Howard, lyric theatre; musical adaptation of Dodie Smith’s novel ‘I Capture the Castle’ for Watford Palace Theatre 2015 plus touring 2016 (Arts Council funding)
19th September – 21st NovemberKitty Fitzgerald, novelist/stories, ‘Miranda’s Shadow’, Iron Press 2013
2nd – 15th SeptemberVal Horsler, ‘Round the Square’ editor/research at request of HHT for our own publication 2014
11th – 25th AugustHelen Stanton, theologian/biographer: (see below)
30th June – 7th AugustKapka Kassabova, poet/writer Shakespeare Birthplace Trust appointment, contributed to the Poetry Festival
24th May – 28th JuneNatasha Davis, performance artist: worked on ‘Internal Terrains’ commissioned by Colchester Arts Centre and performed 2012 and recently in USA and elsewhere
11th February – 23rd MayMary Jane Baxter, journalist/maker: ‘The Modern Girl’s Guide to Hatmaking’, Kyle Books, 2013
4th January – 10th FebruaryVal Horsler, historian, ‘Guide to Holy Trinity, Stratford’, to accompany the history (see below)
14th – 23rd DecemberUma Dinsmore-Tuli, yoga writer (see below)
24th November – 11th DecemberElizabeth Speller, poet/novelist ‘At Break of Day’ Virago 2013, USA Pegasus Books retitled ‘The First of July’ 2014
1st – 23rd NovemberUma Dinsmore-Tuli, yoga writer (see below)
10th September – 20th OctoberHelen Stanton, theologian/biographer ‘For Peace and For Good: A History of the Community of St Francis’: Canterbury Press 2015
16th July – 7th SeptemberAnita Mason, novelist: no recorded outcome
6th – 15th JulyUma Dinsmore-Tuli, yoga writer: ‘Yoni Shanti: a woman’s guide to power and freedom through yoga and tantra’: Yoga Words, 2014
9th – 30th JuneCurious, pair residency, Helen Paris, Leslie Hill, performed ‘Avon’ (see below)
9th March – 4th JuneGill Plain, literary/film historian: ‘War, Postwar and Peace: a literary history of 1940s’, Edinburgh University Press 2013
8th January – 6th MarchJan Dunn, film script writer: no recorded outcome
31st October – 30th DecemberJane Brown, biographer/garden historian ‘Dorothy: a biographical essay’ printed privately (subsequently expanded into full biography of Dorothy Elmhirst Whitney, 2015)
1st September – 30th OctoberLara Platman, photo journalist, ‘Harris Tweed: from land to street’ Frances Lincoln 2011
3rd July – 30th AugustAnjum Malik, television script writer no recorded outcome
8th May – 3rd JulyAnna Shevchenko, novelist ‘The Game’, Headline Publishing 2012
22nd April – 4th MayRuth Thomas, novelist; ‘The Home Corner’ book of short stories’, Faber and Faber 2011
October 2009 – April 2010building work on Church Cottage
30th August – 2nd OctoberGerry Pilgrim, performance artist, RSC appointment (see below)
2nd August – 29th AugustVal Horsler, historian, SBT appointment ‘Shakespeare’s Church: a parish for the world’ Third Millenium publishing, London 2010
2nd June – 31st JulyCurious, performance partnership, Helen Paris and Leslie Hill, RSC appointment, prepared ‘Avon’ a performance event enacted on the River Avon at Stratford: also photography exhibition at RSC Gallery, ‘Fourteen Lines of Love’ summer 2009
4th January – 15th MarchGeraldine Pilgrim, performance artist, RSC appointment, ‘Handbags’ performance at RSC 2009
1st October – 31st DecemberSarah Burton, biographer/novelist, novel manuscript ‘H’, currently unpublished
10th August – 30th SeptemberJane Hill, art historian:completed ‘The Sculpture of Gertrude Hermes’, Lund Humphries 2011
1st – 27th JulyLouise Foxcroft, medical/social historian ‘Hot Flushes, Cold Science: history of the modern menopause’, Granta Books 2009
1st April – 29th JuneFrances Donnelly, broadcaster/novelist no published outcome
1st January – 30th MarchElizabeth Speller, poet/novelist ‘The Return of Captain John Emmett’, Virago 2011
2002 to end 2007
June 2005 – June 2007Elspeth Sandys, novelist from New Zealand completed a novel, ‘The Names of Things’ a novel about Bernard Shaw, remains unpublished ES became an ‘Officer of the Order of New Zealand’ whilst in residence (equivalent to OBE)
June 2002 – June 2004Jessica Berens, journalist/novelist Novel, ‘The Daughter of Ezekial’ unpublished