Church Cottage

Photo by Church Cottage resident, Adba Khan.

Church Cottage, where our resident writers and artists stay, dates from about 1760. Overlooking the Square on one side and St Helen’s Church on the other, it consists of a lower and upper room, each about 15 feet square, connected by a narrow staircase.

The cottage is comfortable and private. Downstairs, it offers a well-appointed kitchen and work areas, including a small studio/workroom with good light, a work surface, sink and table. Upstairs, there is a comfortable bedroom with a bath and toilet. There is broadband, Wi-Fi, and a printer available. There is also a tiny garden, access to another garden and a rowing boat on the nearby River Stour.

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Our studio

In 2017 we received a capital grant of £37,000 from Arts Council England to build a small studio extension onto the side of Church Cottage, which was officially opened by Dame Joan Bakewell in May 2019. Measuring approximately 10’ x 15’, the studio is light and contains a work-surface, a sink and a table. It is suitable for artists or designers working on a small scale, for example doing preparatory work or working on a laptop. Since the studio opened, we have been pleased to number an illustrator, a modeller and an artist/printmaker amongst our residents.

Maggie Gee in the Studio
Studio interior

Where We Are

Stratford-upon-Avon and Clifford Chambers,

Aerial photographs of Clifford Chambers, 1997, Chair to Air, John Miller. The arrow indicates Church Cottage.

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We are adjacent to St. Helen’s Church, Clifford Chambers