Stratford Herald, Decmber 2023

Hosking Houses Patron Dame Emma Thompson hosted (remotely from her Scottish holiday home) a showing of her 1993 film Remains of the Day at Clifford Chambers village hall. After the film, audience members asked Emma questions highlights, with highlights features in the Stratford Herald … read more

Writing in Education, Winter 2023

William Gallagher talks with Sarah Hosking about the lessons learned from applying decades of writing residency work to a new project that gave each of ten writers “a room of their own” for a very special week. … read more

The Times December 2023: Laura Freeman

Laura Freeman explores the genesis of Alma Ramsey-Hosking’s Coventry Crib, commissioned for the cathedral’s first Christmas in 1962

And it came to pass that in the days after Dunkirk a woman great with child found that there was no room at the inn. Or, at any rate, at any hospital from Andover to Southampton. … read more

Stratford-upon-Avon Herald January 2022: RSL Investiture

Sarah Hosking talks about her life and work as she is made an honorary fellow of the Royal Society of Literature … read more

Church Times November 2019: Review by Anna Macham

KISS AND PART is an anthology of short stories inspired by Michael Drayton’s celebrated sonnet “Since there’s no help, come let us kiss and part”. … read more

Church Newspaper September 2019: A haven for creative writing

I have to confess that in my first brush with the Hosking Houses Trust, I thought I was dealing with a crank. In January of 2018, an A4 envelope arrived addressed to me, with a letter and some kind of glossy brochure … read more

Stratford Herald review: Kiss and Part: Stefan Buczacki

‘Kiss and Part’ is a uniquely unusual book. It is a collection of original short stories by ten of the country’s most eminent women writers. The ten stories are united by a common theme … read more

Saga Magazine September 2019: How we made our female writer’s retreat a reality

“I saw it all so clearly. A cottage, or house, or even several, to which women writers would be invited and would write so brilliantly they would change the world.” Sarah Hosking tells us how she set up her own female writer’s retreat – and the book that came forth from it. … read more

Stratford-upon-Avon Herald September 2019: Sister Act

The sun shone and a feeling of joy pervaded as journalist and Labour Peer Joan Bakewell opened a new artist’s studio in Clifford Chambers on Saturday.

The mini studio has been built as an extension to charity Hosking Houses Trust’s writer’s residence, Church Cottage, in the village square, writes Gill Sutherland. … read more

Stratford-upon-Avon Herald May 2019

What do you get if you have the spirit of Virginia Woolf, Dame Joan Bakewell, a chocolate fountain, a red carpet, a trumpeter, a 100 bows, and glasses of fizz? Why, the perfect ingredients for a cracking launch of course! … read more

Guardian June 2018

‘I use what is available with enjoyment, padded out with hard work’

Charity founder on how she made Virginia Woolf’s idea that writers need ‘a room of one’s own’ a reality. … read more

Guardian December 2017

‘Where do I think best? In bed’ – authors reveal their dream retreats

Tucked away in a village cul-de-sac in rural Warwickshire is a precious gem known and loved by those who use it – female writers over 40 for whom it was created. … read more

Stratford-upon-Avon Herald December 2017

Alternativity, a feast for Christmas, a service of carols and readings organised by the Hosking Houses Trust

If you are up for a bit of Christmas magic, then you could do no better than go along to see Alternativity at Stratford’s Guild Chapel on Saturday, 2nd December, at 6pm. … read more

Birmingham Post 2014

Writer creates new chapter in history about village

When Sarah Hosking embarked on the story of her village she was determined it would be more then a parochial pamphlet. Alison Jones hears how she rewrote the rules for such books. … read more

Homes & Antiques: A ROOM OF ONE’S OWN

Many of us dream of escaping to a country cottage for a few months with nothing to do but write – but is the reality quite so romantic?
Mary Jane Baxter spills the beans … read more

Scottish Review of Books: Leave Me Alone: Diary Of A Writer In Retreat

Why is it, then, that thirty years later, I still struggle to be alone? That is to say, I struggle to get alone and stay alone. Always, there is noise. Always, there is someone clamouring for attention. Often, that someone is my own social ego, interfering like an ambitious parent or a party bore who buttonholes you with boozy breath. … read more

The Times: Valerie Grove

Sarah Hosking has created a hideaway in the country for women writers over 40. And now she’s determined to expand.

Virginia Woolf once said: “A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write.” … read more

Birmingham Post: A Woman’s room to think

Where are the poets? Where are the philosophers? Where are the physicists?
Sarah Hosking’s clarion call to intellectual women is prompted by a genuine bafflement at the lack of response from them to her offer of shelter, money and peace in which to work. … read more